BRVFC responds to 2 fires within 24 hours
December 26, 2023

It was a busy Christmas Day and night for our volunteers.

Engine 68-1 with a crew of 5 was dispatched to assist Lower Providence (53) with a house on fire. Crews had heavy fire showing from the front of the house. Engine 68-1 arrived as 3rd due Engine and was assigned IRIT. Engine 68-1 crew also assisted with hitting hot spots and overhaul.

Engine 68-1 was dispatched 10 hours later to assist Phoenixville Fire Department (65) on a house fire on Bridge St. Crews had fire showing from the 3rd floor. Engine 68-1 arrived as 3rd due engine. Engine 68-1 crew took a 2nd hose line off of UPT Fire & Emergency Service (E68). Crews also assisted in the overhaul.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to both families that were affected by these fire. We also would like to thank our volunteers who left their families on Christmas to assist in these incidents.