We Will Never Forget 9/11
September 11, 2022

21 years ago today, thousands of people in this country woke up in bed with their loved ones for the last time. Some were excited, looking forward to the trip they’d be taking this morning. Others were perhaps dreading the usual commute to work. How many of them were rushed out the door? How many didn’t make time to kiss their kids or their spouses? They mumbled a quick goodbye and headed out the door…not knowing it would be the last time they’d see their loved ones.

Tomorrow is promised to no one. Take nothing and no one for granted. Tell him or her that you love them. Forget the diet and eat the cookie. Stay up late. Apologize, even if it wasn’t entirely your fault. Forgive, even if they don’t know what they did was wrong. Laugh. Cry. Scream. Go for a walk. Find shapes in the clouds. Do something nice for someone. Let someone do something nice for you. Stop waiting for things to happen. Get off your butt and enjoy life. While you’re at it, help someone else enjoy their life as well.

One thing is for certain we at Black Rock Fire Company We Will Never Forget September 11th!!!